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BOGIST M5 Pro+ Folding Electric Scooter With Seat And Basket

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The Bogist M5 Pro+ electric scooter is the upgraded version of the Bogist M5 Pro, which's battery has been upgraded to 48V/15AH lithium-ion battery.

  • 500W brushless Motor
  • 48V 15.0Ah lithium battery
  • 12 inch puncture tires
  • DUAL disc brake system
  • LCD Display and Light System

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BOGIST M5 Pro+ Folding Electric Scooter With Seat and Basket
Lighting System

Lighting System

The foldable e-scooter is equipped with high brightness LED lights for front lighting + horn reminder + tail light with warning light, flashing at night, making night riding safer.

High Efficiency Motor

The motor of the Bogist M5 Pro+ electric scooter has a maximum power of 500W and can reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Its powerful performance makes it easy to adapt to various types of terrain. It uses a high-performance 48V/15AH lithium-ion battery, ensuring a range of 35km on a single charge, thus satisfying your daily commuting needs.

High Efficiency Motor
Safe And Comfortable Driving

Safe And Comfortable Driving

Efficient disc brake system provides fast and stable braking, allowing you to maneuver with ease in emergency situations. In addition, the front and rear shock absorbers offer excellent shock absorption, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride, whether at high speed or on uneven surfaces.

Safety Guarantee

The 12-inch inflatable wheels offer excellent traction and stability, allowing for a smooth ride on any type of terrain. Bright circular headlights provide adequate illumination for riding in the dark. In addition, the tail light automatically turns on when braking, alerting vehicles behind and ensuring safety.

Safety Guarantee
Foldable And Adjustable Scooter

Foldable And Adjustable Scooter

The seat allows you to adjust the height according to your height, making it easy to adjust your posture to find the most comfortable riding experience. In addition, this vehicle is foldable, takes up little space and can be conveniently stored in a corner, allowing you to enjoy the ride.

BOGIST M5 Pro+ Folding Electric Scooter With Seat and Basket
  • Model Bogist M5 Pro+
  • Colour Black
  • Motor 500W
  • Battery 48V 15Ah Lithium Battery
  • Tires 12 Inch Puncture Tires
  • Charging Time About 6 - 8 Hours
  • Brake System Dual Disc Brake
  • Waterproof Grade IP64 Waterproof
  • Light Front and Rear Light
  • Display LCD Display
  • Max Speed Max Speed 40Km/h
  • Scooter Weight 21KG
  • Payload Capacity 120kg
  • Size 117*62*94cm
  • Rider Heights 150cm - 200cm

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